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Jelly Baby Playschool teachers play an active role in your child’s education and development, setting the stage for a fun, engaging, learning environment. These enthusiastic, creative educators design unique, personalized lesson plans to captivate your child. Our faculty and staff look for learning opportunities that correspond with the children’s natural interests. If the teachers have planned a lesson on shapes but the children are fascinated by the fog outside, they change the subject of the lesson to focus on the weather. Our teachers can also customize the lessons to meet the individual needs of each child.

Meet Us

Archhana S Guha
CEO & Founder
Jelly Baby Playschool

Minakshi Khurana
Principal & Co-founder
Jelly Baby Sector 91 Branch

Ruchi Gupta
Principal & Co-founder
Jelly Baby Charmwood Branch

Shruti Dayal
Director of Marketing
Jelly Baby Playschool

Jaspret Kaur
Jelly Baby Playschool

Co Owner
Jelly Baby Green Field Preschool

Jelly Baby Sector 35 Preschool